Sunday, October 26, 2008

Affiliate Programs for the Loose Tea Business

Affiliate Programs are an ideal way for a small or home business to enter the expanding world of loose tea. There are many elements to consider when becoming an affiliate relationship however.
Affiliate programs offer a high return on capital but many affiliate programs are over hyped and a waste of time and money.
One need only make a quick Google search to note the abundance of affiliate marketing programs on the internet. Most are worthless and, unless certain standards and criteria are met, represent a waste of affiliate energy and resources:
1.) A viable product with clear demand in the marketplace. Product pricing must allow for substantial commissions for the affiliate.
2.) A commission and feature rich e-commerce site that encourages easy and accurate ordering.
3.) Marketing support in the form of quality articles and banner advertising.
4.) Accurate and real time reporting of activity and accrual of commissions.
5.) Payment of commissions on time and as agreed.
Loose tea meets all of the product criteria:
• Loose Tea is a growing business with substantial and growing demand.
• Loose Tea is priced right in the market in order to generate substantial commissions.
• Repeat orders are the norm and repeat orders establish a steady flow of commissions.
• There are very few Tea companies with robust affiliate programs.
Affiliate programs are more than an agreement.
There are numerous examples of affiliate programs that fail because of lack of support, training and integrity in payment of commissions.
Align yourself with a tea company that is truly dedicated to an affiliate program as part of their core business. A successful core business affiliate program offers:
Leveraging of website traffic into real dollars.
Earning and receipt of monthly commissions with volume advantages.
Review sales reports 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Advanced reporting.
Monitoring of referred traffic versus actual sales.
Quick and easy enrollment.
If a small or home business wants to leverage its website traffic into revenue and commission dollars, it should align with a tea supplier that offers only quality, good margin products and treats affiliates as true partners.


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