Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Asian Splendor "Hosting a Traditional Asian Themed Tea Party"

Possibilities are endless when you host an Asian themed tea party, from presenting an overview of Asian teas to replicating a Japanese tea ceremony. Bring the mystery of the orient into your living room with a creative tea party that will have your guests begging for more.
Either way, an Asian tea party is a great way to introduce many exotic Asian teas. Your presentation can vary depending on your guests and how formal or informal you would like the party to be.
If you don't want to do something quite so formal, you can teach your guests various Asian customs regarding tea, such as traditional preparation methods, types of teas, how to pour and present teas, and Asian tea etiquette. Hosting a traditional Japanese tea ceremony can be fun and educational for your guests. Depending on the overall feel of the party, choose among a variety of possible activities.
If you are hosting a Japanese inspired party, you could include origami as one of the activities. It's also a great opportunity to use different teapots and cups that are Asian inspired. This approach can be unusual, lively, and memorable.
Why not order a batch for your guests and share your fortunes round the table. Like fortune cookies? It's fun, inexpensive, and does not require a lot of space.
Use a lot of red and black, as these are customary colors and pair them with dragons and hanging wall fans. To set the mood, purchase a variety of paper lanterns to create a warm ambiance. Decorations can be simple yet elegant.
Look for cards that have "friendship" or other sayings printed using the authentic symbols to use for added ambiance. For added elegance, use specialty porcelain dishes and China as well as designer chopsticks. Find some small parasols to place on each table, or use the small ones for decoration in your teacups.
Bamboo is an easy, inexpensive, and authentic decoration option. Decorate the room and tables with flowers such as orchids and lotuses.
In addition, if you already have them or are able to borrow or rent them, incorporate small water fountains, bonsai trees, or small rock gardens.
Having a variety of Asian music playing the background is perfect for setting the tone of the party.
If your theme is based on a specific country, choose music accordingly. You may want to use some type of compilation, or choose music from a specific region or country, such as Japan, Thailand, or China. Visit the local music store for suggestions.
Invitation Ideas
You can really get creative with invitations, from purchasing ones that are shaped like a fan to using an origami invitation that guests can unfold to read.
Alternatively, you may be interested in invitations that have an Asian picture or symbol on them.
Your budget will influence the style of invitation you choose to use. If you are hosting a formal party, invitations on specialty paper make a beautiful work of art.
There are lots of great companies available online as well. Start with a local gift or party shop. The good news is that there are many options available for all price ranges.
For starters, offer a variety of sushi, which can be made to suit any taste, including mild, spicy, and vegetarian. The food choices for an Asian tea party are almost unlimited!
It's entertaining and educational! Stir-fry is easy to make for larger groups of people, and you could even prepare the food in a central area so your guests can observe.
Of course, you'll still want to offer fortune cookies! Asian foods rely heavily on rice and noodles, and there are many recipes to find that incorporate these, from soups to main dishes and deserts.
Whichever foods you choose, offer lighter food choices, as those that are too heavy can take away from the tea experience.
You might also wish to consider "display teas" which actually bloom when steeped in water. This event would be perfect with a delicate Oolong like Monkey Pick or a mystical Tung Ting.
Order from These hand tied extravaganzas are sure to impress your guests.
You will have them begging for more. If you are looking to impress your guests invite them to experience tea and its birthplace.
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