Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wholesale Tea: A Market of Possibilities

With the rise in the accessibility of "foreign" countries, one seemingly small item has now exploded onto the market; Wholesale Tea. A wide variety of items are available and relatively simple to acquire as the internet provides a gateway to export companies from all nations. As the business world grows, the physical globe shrinks as products from all nations become business opportunities for companies of all sizes.
Before only available to those with contacts in Eastern nations including, China, Japan, India, and Sri Lanka, wholesale tea has now grown to suppliers in African nations, and importers through out the world, as a simple entry of "wholesale tea" in any search engine will provide users with a list of options supplying not only suppliers of Wholesale Tea, but also suppliers of wholesale tea bags, wholesale gift boxes and gift sets containing tea, and a variety of other similar items.
A now global commerce, items such as gourmet tea bags that you will find the tea bags in a store sold under a third company's brand name.
In regards to the tea itself, there are a multitude of tea variations, including Jasmine Green Tea, a slight variation on tradition, Rooibos, perhaps the most popular herbal tea, Lemongrass, one of many relatively new herbal teas to the mainstream industry and a very long list of blends. Now we see a variety of companies creating an even larger number of options in every facet of the wholesale tea market. This is not to say that Wholesale Tea was not available 5 years ago, but the industry has grown far beyond green tea and breakfast tea.

Experimentation with blends and tea bag designs are the current trends in an up and coming business. As you may have noticed, the tea bag market has a full listing of names and an even fuller listing of variations.
Generally containing a low quality tea dust, these bags focus more on price than quality. In the tea bag world, there are few variations with the machine packaged and stapled standard heavily dominating the market.
Though packaging may not be as easy and all practicality aside, the quality is generally higher than the standard as some form of loose tea is included inside and the look is potentially more appealing. Another design that is available is a pyramid shaped bag.
A new method allowing for design flexibility and the inclusion of high quality loose tea, these gourmet tea bags will put up a good fight against the aforementioned variations. Square and Round shaped, hand sewn bags are now starting to make their way to the industry with a few select companies offering both manufacturing and wholesale tea bag distribution. The newest entry to the market is a smooth balance between the two.
With a little creativity and a good manufacturer, any budding entrepreneur looking for an opening, or any currently established business looking to expand, can now step into the Tea bag world. With the many variables available in both tea blend and tea bag manufacturing, wholesale tea is a prime example of how with the growth of communication and transportation, business opportunities are as easy to find as your kitchen cabinet.
David Giusti is the owner of Sabaidi Tea Co., Ltd.,
You can read more on the company's home page at , a company that manufactures and exports Handmade Gourmet Tea Bags, Gift boxes and other specialties from Thailand.


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