Saturday, December 13, 2008

How To Get Rich In Tea Business

Further more, you may attempt different ways of tea making, of your own, to find out the best suited to your taste buds! Sometimes, you will have some more interest like ‘making a tea drink' also. know you as a tea lover, interested in enjoying the taste and flavor of a tea, sip by sip from a cup.
You will occupy the kitchen with one or two brands of tea and try them differently to make and enjoy the tea drink!
They will never try to make it even for the sake of fun! Some people will limit their efforts only towards drinking a cup of tea made by others at home or restaurants.
But, you have decided to go farther from just tasting tea for getting refreshment!
Soon, you will enter into a business that will make you taste the real richness of tea and richness of money embedded inside the trade. If you are already in this business, you will not hesitate to take in more mantras to make big money!
There are seven mantras (steps) to bring success into any endower; they are very much applicable to this trade also: These principles are drawn from a German concept. We should honestly accept that in any business "the prime thing is people and the ultimate is also people".
Then, we need to adopt these success components one by one to bring in more people into our business and there by more money without loss of time and energy!
These seven wise principles may be described as seven wonders that bring extraordinary success to any business activity!
Now, you are going to learn about their applications in this lucrative tea business! They are: open mind, common sense, concentration, specialization, division of labor, extravert activity, and target oriented approach.
Choose a target of customers and satisfy them to a higher level. By division of labour, one should split the work and do them easily.Do participate in the extravert activity to inform about the super blend to the outside world. Become a specialist by repeatedly doing the skill.

Apply common sense to innovate and concentration to learn the scientific tea tasting. Apply common sense to innovate and concentration to learn the techniques of tea tasting initially. In a short description, I shall tell you that the entrepreneur should have an open mind to learn the techniques of tea tasting initially.
We reiterate that the key factor in this business is learning the scientific tea testing, tasting and blending techniques to be applied in the process of procurement and sales.
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