Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tea Ceremony

Each family could demonstrate its roots and richness by serving tea in Chinese porcelain dishes which were decorated with delicate and crafted pictures of shepherdesses and shepherds, kings and queens, flowers, birds and skies. Traditionally the British had afternoon tea with toasts, marmalade, cakes whereas tea was usually prepared with milk which is traditional British drink. During the old times the British was listening carefully to Big Ben in order to prepare tea for the exact five pm time.

The reason is in busy day schedules when people have to rush somewhere, do urgent work or simply do not want to have tea. The British had had this ceremony for over the centuries already, but modern English do not follow this custom as it was two or three centuries ago.
Chinese thought tea ceremony is the time when human souls, their thoughts and ideas could be cleared up and become healthier and more perfect. However, the main purposes of this ceremony were lost. Yet, the British developed the teat ceremony and adopted it to the European cultures. So Chinese were first who invented tea and some tea drinking customs.

However, tea drinking tradition is not English originally because tea was discovered in China and the British were first who brought tea in Europe.
Noble British families used to invite their friends, famous persons or simply people who could be useful for tea drinking in order to discuss the world news and even solve problems. The British accepted the peaceful and healthy ideas of tea drinking ceremony, however they were used to gather for tea ceremony for talking mainly.
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