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An Excercise of Emotions with the Tea Guru

I had heard hundreds of stories about him and his tea estate particularly his love for animals, environment and above all his people. Rajah Banerjee of Makaibari Tea Estates, was possible. An honorable meeting with the most reputed Tea Guru I have ever known, Mr.

Why? Today's day will be the most memorable day in my life.
Upon hearing so many stories, I had taken a ‘particular snapshot' of him in my mind and was eagerly waiting to synchronize as soon as I set my foot on Makaibari's premises. Although, I had gone there to procure some organic teas for my selected clients, I found out that I was inclined more towards meeting him than procuring the teas. I guess, the love for tea which Mr. Banerjee shares with the world made my thoughts draw an arrow of urgency towards Mr. Banerjee's presence.
Bannerjee and I were having email sessions from beforehand, I was called inside instantly without any hesitation. As Mr. I guess those were necessary questions to be asked to anyone entering inside and I totally agree, afterall its one of the most reputed tea estates of the world. Whom do you want to meet?" the guard standing on the gate asked.

"Excuse me Sir, what work do you have here? I got down and entered the Makaibari gate - Guess what?
Yes, we were friends in no time I started my part and after a while we were laughing like little kids engrossed in our own world of friendship. Well, the silence was broken when the Tea Guru handed me his visiting card, shook hands with me and asked me with a smiling and welcoming face - "So young man, it's a pleasure to meet you, please tell me your story?" The down to earth behaviour from the other side evaporated my hesitant feeling from every pore of my body into thin air. Well, I was literally hesitant to speak up anything, thinking that I might speak something which may prove to be blatant and inappropriate. After a couple of moments, he was free to chat with me.

He signaled me to take a seat and requested me to wait for sometime as he was attending to his official work with one of his office staff. The first impression of my imprinted thoughts synchronized well regarding the outfit he was wearing - an essence of the British Raj reflected with his Khaki outfit, and I guess that is how it must have felt when anyone was meeting a ‘Bara Sahib' in the olden days.
By the time we finished our little chat for about an hour (yes, with heavenly amber sips in between), I could devise my brain instruments to record it and synchronize with my previous imagery. I found him to be a person, who is capable of walking hand-in-hand with his tea laborers, a person who respects life, believes in equality and above all a person who understands the importance of respecting other's feelings. A person you would dream to meet.
Now it was time for our little tea tasting session of the First Flush Silver Tips I was buying. Oh Boy! A heavenly brew which opened all of my sensory gates. The Tea Guru gave me a good number of tips on tea tasting and guess what; it was of great help and a new discovery when done following his guidelines. What he says about tea tasting - "Tea tasting is ABSTRACT, learn to associate with known flavors you know about and you will get your tea's divine description".
The tea tasting session was over and after spending more than two hours with him, I didn't want to waste anymore of Mr. Banerjee's time. Some Japanese group was waiting for his presence downstairs and it was now time for me to pay and head for home.
My Wife Made Me Look Stupid!
(quoted with her permission):
In the morning when I headed for Makaibari, I had told my wife to get the money in the bag and leave it on the bed. I got my digital camera, pushed it inside my bag and bid goodbye. I had about One Lac INR and now I was in Makaibari ready to pay the required amount to the man concerned. I had kept the bag inside Mr. Banerjee's office which had an open door leading to the tasting room and a long corridor which could be traversed by any of his staff members. I opened the bag and Boom! A thunder exploded right on my head - No money in the bag!! Guess about the situation!! I informed Mr. Banerjee about the situation and he too was utterly confused. All of the staff members were confused and don't ask about me - you can guess -
A Dead Man standing live!
I was dialing and at the very moment my wife called I was dialing and at the very moment my wife called - "Darling, I want to tell you one thing, but before I say, promise me you won't get angry"; I was literally irritated and she said, "I am sorry, but I put the money inside the bag otherwise she wouldn't have placed the bag on the bed as I had directed her to do. I was sure that my wife had put the money inside the bag otherwise she wouldn't have placed the bag on the bed as I had directed her to do. The news brought a sigh of relief to all of the staff members suggested me - "why don't you try and call home, you might have left it at home" - Not in a million.

I was sure that my wife had put the money in the wrong bag" - A mixed feeling of joy and anger ran through my vein. My brains could not work and from a corner, one of the staff members suggested me - "why don't you try and call home, you might have left it at home" - Not in a million.
After a while everything was normal and the memory was cherished instantly when the accountant of Makaibari and myself sat laughing and chatting sipping in the ethereal silver tips.
I headed home with a tremendous feeling of joy, happiness and yes of course with a yearning to scold my wife, but that didn't happen - the story itself proved so funny that I forgot everything and we were busy brewing the new silver tips. Banerjee goodbye - "Benoy keep dropping down to Makaibari" with a similing face that had initially welcomed me. The Makaibari Silver Tips got loaded on my vehicle and I bid Mr.
Guess Dalle is right! Banerjee's personal tea maker assistant) still is reverberating in my ears "Sir, whatever happens, it happens for good and maybe it was God's wish which prevented you from really losing your money through other means". To conclude, the words of Dalle (Mr.
:) Banerjee forget's me in the future, I can pull in the story anytime I meet him and bring back the hilarious past. Even if Mr. Maybe it is!

Or is it that God wanted the whole Makaibari family to remember the incident forever.
Benoy Thapa is a Tea Lover from Darjeeling, India. His love for tea has ignited a fire in him to write out his thoughts on tea and share it with the world. He has a tea company based in Darjeeling, which deals with
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After WLS Patients Must Give-up Coffee, Tea, Soda and Alcohol to Sustain Weight Loss

A tell-tell sign of a gastric bypass patient is the ever-present water bottle. Water is one of the most important nutrients the body needs to stay healthy, vibrant and energetic. Water is the essential fluid for living. Other beverages including coffee, tea, milk, soft drinks and alcohol are forbidden.

Gastric-bypass patients don't have a choice: they must drink lots water. Drink a minimum of 64 ounces a day - eight glasses a day. Dieters are often told - drink water.
And alcohol is absorbed with break-neck speed causing intoxication, vomiting or dumping. The high-caloric beverages are easily absorbed through the shortened intestine causing a weight plateau or weight gain. The caffeine assimilates into the blood stream very quickly causing jitters and nervousness more-so than a normal digestive system. The restrictive and malabsorptive nature of the gastric bypass causes several things to go wrong if a patient partakes of caffeine coffee or tea, high-caloric or alcoholic beverages.
However, patients are told to avoid drinking water with meals as it will facilitate food movement through the small stomach pouch allowing a person to consume more food. Knowing this bariatric centers advise patients to drink water throughout the day to avoid dehydration.
Most doctors advise gastric bypass patients to consume 64 to 72 ounces of water daily. That number could well exceed 200 ounces a day for morbidly obese people actively engaged in weight loss. Nutritionists say a precise measure of the body's need for water is to divide body weight (pounds) in half and drink that many ounces every day.
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This compassion compelled her to found the website Bailey is strongly empathetic toward the obese, particularly overweight children. Having spent most of her life overweight Ms. An award winning journalist and former newspaper editor Kaye Bailey brings expertise in writing and personal experience with gastric bypass surgery to
, a fast-growing resource of information, understanding and support for the weight loss surgery community.

Are You Looking for Hoodia Tincture or Hoodia Tea?

Phytopharm appears to be working on that. There is at this time no prescription form of hoodia. If you are looking for a different form of hoodia, there are complete articles at our Hoodia Info Blog comparing hoodia liquids, drops, capsules, herb blends and even hoodia coffee.

In this article we look at two hoodia tea products and what they contain. As a result many companies use the phrase hoodia tincture to refer to their products. While there are no specific products being sold as "hoodia tincture", tincture is a word that is synonymous with drops, medicine, tablet, tonic and many other words.
Before you decide to buy based on price, look at the ingredients. The price for Desert hoodia tea is $39.95 per twenty tea bags was the listed price at the time of this writing. The price for Bija hoodia tea varies depending on the distributor, but $12.95 per twenty tea bags plus shipping and handling. Two easily found hoodia tea products are Desert Tea and Bija Hoodia Tea.

Manufacturers of hoodia tea commonly use the term hoodia tincture to describe the products that they sell.
Green tea contains caffeine which is a stimulant and should be avoided by those who are sensitive to stimulants. Hoodia testimonials, reviews and customer comments indicate that the larger the amount of hoodia gordonii present, in any forms of hoodia tincture, the better the results. Hoodia testimonials, reviews and customer comments indicate that the larger the amount of hoodia gordonii, green tea, magnolia bark, oatstraw herb, garcinia cambogia, bitter orange and grapefruit.

Hoodia testimonials, reviews and customer comments indicate that the larger the amount of hoodia gordonii, green tea, magnolia bark, oatstraw herb, garcinia cambogia, bitter orange and grapefruit. Bija hoodia tea contains an unspecified amount of hoodia gordonii, green tea, magnolia bark, oatstraw herb, garcinia cambogia, bitter orange and grapefruit. Desert hoodia tea contains an unspecified amount of hoodia gordonii per tea bag and rooibos (an African shrub whose leaves are dried to make an herbal tea) for flavor.
Bitter orange and grapefruit are added as flavorings and for anti-oxidant value. Garcinia cambogia was used in traditional Indian medicine to treat swelling, constipation and an array of other complaints. Its effectiveness as a weight loss supplement has not been proven. Magnolia bark and oatstraw are commonly used in herbal teas. With that many different ingredients, there may not be very much hoodia gordonii present in this hoodia tea. Hoodia testimonials, reviews and customer comments indicate better results and overall satisfaction with a hoodia tincture that is 100% hoodia gordonii.
Other considerations about hoodia tea are the same as those with any hoodia tincture. For best results and satisfaction, look for products with CITES certifications that verify the presence of genuine hoodia gordonii. You should consult your doctor before using any hoodia tincture; this is particularly true of a hoodia tea which contains stimulants, since stimulants can affect blood pressure. Persons should be in reasonably good health. Products should not be used by children or women who are nursing. Whether you choose to use a hoodia tea or a hoodia tincture of another variety, report any unusual symptoms to your health care professional along with a list of the product ingredients.

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Why Aren't You Using Green Tea Capsules?

Green tea capsules and tablets represent a simple, excellent, and effective way to get the benefits of green tea.
Although drinking green tea is very enjoyable and soothing to some people, many others don't like the bitter taste. Moreover, some people are realistic enough to know that the more trouble they have to go through to get the benefits of something, the less likely they are to do it.
Everyone now knows that drinking green tea is healthy just like they know that juicing vegetables and fruits is healthy too. But not many of us have the time to juice vegetables and fruits everyday, just like we don't have the time to brew green tea and sip it.
That's why green tea capsules are a fantasic way to get the health benefits of this ancient drink in the few seconds a day it takes to swallow them.
Moreover, if you are taking a quality green tea supplement, you could get more of its potent antioxidants than you could if you drank 4 to 5 cups of the tea a day because of its concentrated nature.
Green tea has a history as colorful as it is flavorful.
Legend has it that almost 5,000 years ago a Chinese emperor was sipping hot water whilst relaxing under a tea shrub when some of the leaves accidently blew off the shrub and landed in his cup.
He took a sip, liked what he tasted, and since then green tea became the health drink of choice in Asia, and is now spreading to the Western world rapidly.
What's really amazing is that it wasn't until recently that research has discovered just how incredibly powerful the health benefits of green tea are.
What Green Tea Contains
Green tea has many beneficial substances, like catechins, tannins, fluoride but, most important of all, powerful antioxidants called polyphenols.
One of these polyphenols in particular, which is referred to as EGCG, has been shown in studies to have potent anticancer properties. Indeed, EGCG is now thought to be one of the most powerful anticancer compounds discovered to date.
For the health savvy people who have heard about EGCG, it is the primary reason they drink green tea or use green tea capsules and supplements.
In one large study with chinese participants, it was discovered that the men and women who drank green tea had lower rates of: rectal, pancreatic, and colon cancer.
Other studies conducted here in the United States revealed that EGCG may be able to get cancer cells to stop reproducing.
Amazingly, it may accomplish this by somehow signalling the cancer cells to die, which in scientific terms is called apotosis.
Even more remarkable is that EGCG doesn't appear to hurt the healthy, non-cancerous cells of our body, so it seems to work selectively. This study was conducted at Case Western Reserve University, located in Ohio.
Other studies are now showing that green tea may be able to help mitigate the damage from LDL cholesterol -- otherwise known as the "bad cholesterol" that is a key marker in heart disease.
In fact, its possible role in lowering cholesterol is another of the biggest reasons people are now turning to green tea capsules and supplements.
Despite all of the potential health benefits of green tea, some people avoid drinking it because it does naturally contain caffeine, which makes some people jittery and nervous.
The good news is that green tea used in green tea capsules and tablets often contains much less caffeine than a cup of green tea itself. A cup of green tea contains about 40 mg of caffeine whereas a daily typical serving of green tea capsules might only contain 5 mg of caffeine.
Importantly, the typical serving of green tea capsules or supplements will have the same concentration of the polyphenols and powerful antioxidants as the green tea.
Even better for some people is that green tea can be decaffeinated and used in green tea capsules so that you can get all the benefits with none of the caffeine.
So there you have it. If you aren't already using green tea capsules for your health, it's time to give it some serious consideration as part of your supplement regimen.

Tea Ceremony

Each family could demonstrate its roots and richness by serving tea in Chinese porcelain dishes which were decorated with delicate and crafted pictures of shepherdesses and shepherds, kings and queens, flowers, birds and skies. Traditionally the British had afternoon tea with toasts, marmalade, cakes whereas tea was usually prepared with milk which is traditional British drink. During the old times the British was listening carefully to Big Ben in order to prepare tea for the exact five pm time.

The reason is in busy day schedules when people have to rush somewhere, do urgent work or simply do not want to have tea. The British had had this ceremony for over the centuries already, but modern English do not follow this custom as it was two or three centuries ago.
Chinese thought tea ceremony is the time when human souls, their thoughts and ideas could be cleared up and become healthier and more perfect. However, the main purposes of this ceremony were lost. Yet, the British developed the teat ceremony and adopted it to the European cultures. So Chinese were first who invented tea and some tea drinking customs.

However, tea drinking tradition is not English originally because tea was discovered in China and the British were first who brought tea in Europe.
Noble British families used to invite their friends, famous persons or simply people who could be useful for tea drinking in order to discuss the world news and even solve problems. The British accepted the peaceful and healthy ideas of tea drinking ceremony, however they were used to gather for tea ceremony for talking mainly.
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It's All in the "Tea" Bag - How to Be Environmentally Responsible with Your Tea Bags

Have you ever thought about how much waste you are creating when you drink your afternoon tea? This is, of course, assuming that you use a tea bag. Granted, a tea bag is a small thing - in fact, in terms of waste, it seems like it should be the least of your worries. Better worry-time can be spent on the waste of your daily newspaper or on excess packaging of food.
The thing is, though, even the little things count. People often overlook the little things, like tea bags, but in the end, all of those tea bags really add up to a lot of waste! Sure, your newspaper is bigger, but you very likely recycle it, right? Can you "recycle" a tea bag? No, but you can use it in your garden.
Environmentally Friendly Tea Bag Tips:
The Republic of Tea makes environmentally-friendly · Check for tea bags that do not use wasteful strings or tags. · Look for unbleached tea bags. They will add acidity to your compost.

· Make sure that your tea bags are biodegradable. Even the tea bag envelopes that Choice Organic Tea is packaged in is environmentally friendly. They also use 100 percent unbleached cotton string. · Choice Organic Tea use unbleached manila hemp and unbleached wood pulp for their tea bags. The Republic of Tea makes environmentally-friendly unbleached tea bags without staples, tags, or strings.

· Check for tea bags that do not use wasteful strings or tags. · Look for unbleached tea bags. They will add acidity to your compost. The nutrients in the tea are good additions to your future fertilizer, and most regular tea bags are biodegradable.

· Look for tea bags without staples, or at least remove the staples before you place the bags in your compost bin? They will add acidity to your compost. The nutrients in the tea are good additions to your future fertilizer, and most regular tea bags are biodegradable. · Instead of tossing out old tea bags, why not put them in your compost bin?
In general, tea bags are much more wasteful than tea diffusers, but they do not have to be. The key is to give your used tea bags a second life in your garden. If you do not have a garden, never fear. There are many more uses for used tea bags that may interest you. Tea bags can do anything from tenderizing meat to stopping bleeding gums. They can be used to remove furniture polish, seed a lawn, treat shaving nicks, and more.
Again, though, the key to reducing waste starts with buying environmentally friendly tea bags in the first place. Then, add them to your compost or find another use for them.
Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, parenting, fashion, and home decor. Her background includes teaching and gardening. For more of her articles on tea and coffee, please visit
Tea and Coffee

The Benefits of Green Tea for Dieting

There are many different ways to tackle the prospect of losing weight.
Many choose to restrict or calculate what they eat, while some focus on additional help received from supplements, vitamins, as well as other items.
This is especially true when it comes to the benefits of green tea for dieting. Drinking tea can lead to beneficial results when dieting.
The benefits of green tea for dieting and medical use have been recognized for centuries in countries like India and China.
The Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea
Green tea has been proven to reduce cholesterol levels, as well as triglycerides. It can even prove beneficial for those who wish to increase their HDL ("good") cholesterol levels.
A boost in the immune system, as well as weight loss, has been seen in those who drink green tea on a regular basis.
Green tea also provides anti-cancer agents that can also be found in black tea.
When dieting, some of the benefits of drinking green tea can be seen through the high concentration of antioxidants that can be found.
Reports have found that green tea possesses 50 times more strength than Vitamin E and C.
A loss of five pounds is one of the advantages to making this a habit. Studies have also shown that the benefits of green tea for dieting are visible when drinking one cup every day for one year.
Using Sweeteners with Green Tea
The benefits of green tea for dieting is drastically reduced when sugar or honey is added. This completely defeats the purpose of tapping into some of the benefits of green tea for dieting. When you absolutely cannot live without a sweetener, pick up the herbal replacement called Stevia.
How much can Green Tea can you Safely Drink?
When dieting, the benefits of green tea are not affected by the amount of tea that is drunk by the dieter.
There are no significant side effects and it is completely safe to drink green tea. Some people have been known to drink up to 20 cups of green tea per day. Decaffeinated selections are available, which does not decrease the benefits of green tea for dieting.
When integrating green tea on a regular basis, a newcomer may experience insomnia or restlessness, but these effects soon pass once the body has adjusted.
How to Prepare Green Tea
To fully reap the benefits of green tea for dieting, the way you prepare the tea influences its effects and strength. The size of the tealeaves should be small and loose, presenting the best choice because it provides quick infusion. It takes longer to prepare a large tealeaf.
Even though loose leaves are recommended, the most common way a dieter will prepare their green tea is by using a teabag. In order to increase the benefits of green tea for dieting, teabags should be dunked on a continuous basis to extract a higher amount of helpful polyphenols, which contain a high concentration of antioxidants and health benefits.
It is not recommended to leave teabags floating on the top of a teacup.
Using boiling water also increases the extraction of polyphenols.
In regards to the amount a time that a teabag is steeped, there are two routes to follow. If you want a high content of polyphenols, the steeping time should be high. A shorter steeping time creates a high level of caffeine, but sacrifices the polyphenol content.

Green Tea and How it is Made

It was first brought to Europe by the Dutch in the early 17th century AD. The tea brewed from the dried leaves of this plant has been drunk in China since perhaps the 28th century BC. sinensis, a native of Southeast Asia. The tea is a product of a plant known as C.
In China, tea is sometimes allowed to absorb the scent from various flowers particularly Jasmine. After being sorted, all grades of tea are packed in foil-lined chests to prevent the absorption of unpleasant odors or the loss of aroma during shipment. After picking, the leaves either are dried immediately and completely to produce green teas, or are partially dried and then allowed to ferment to produce various kinds of black teas.

Leaf buds and young leaves are used in making tea, the age of the leaves determining the taste and name of the particular commercial variety.
The concentration of caffeine in tea ranges from 2.5 to 4.5 percent, in contrast to an average concentration of about 1.5 percent in coffee. Tea is an aromatic stimulant, containing various polyphenols, essential oils, and caffeine.
This belt grows the best teas in the world. Green Tea, is abundantly grown in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas.
Scientists from Japan Cancer Institute have been successful
in identifying a substance in Green Tea called Catechins or
Polyphenols, which act as strong antioxidants. They are in a
position to clinically establish the old adage that "tea is a
miraculous medicine for the mantainance of health".
Catechins remain unchanged in Green Tea as leaves are merely steamed, rolled and dried as opposed to black tea which is fermented.
Green tea polyphenols applied to human skin prevent ultraviolet light-induced damage, according to a new study.
A study of over 3,400 adults in Saudi Arabia--a country of tea-lovers--found that those who drank more than 6 cups per day of the brown beverage had a more than 50% lower risk of coronary heart disease compared to tea abstainers, even after adjusting for other factors such as smoking, diet and obesity.
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Green Tea - A Tea from the Far East

Although these claims have not been proven, there is documentation for belief in them that goes back over a thousand years. Its rise is linked in many ways to that of the alternative health movement, which sees green tea as having a range of traditional healing properties and abilities to cure diseases. Green tea is a kind of tea that has been very popular in China and Japan for centuries, and has recently seen a massive explosion in popularity in the West.
Although most supermarkets still only stock one form of generic ‘green tea', which is usually of very poor quality, health food and herbal shops will generally have a whole range of high-quality, albeit expensive, green teas to choose from. Most green tea drinkers still import their tea from the East, considering this to be the best tea, and some green teas have become especially famous, such as Japanese sencha, and the Chinese teas Longjing, Hou Kui, Piluochun, and many more besides. Some green tea is produced outside China and Japan, but it is mostly considered to be cheap imitations of the ‘real thing' and not worth paying attention to, with the possible exception of a few Indian teas.
The mythos surrounding tea in Eastern cultures allows the Western green tea drinker to feel that they are taking part in something ancient, traditional and mysterious simply by drinking green tea, and to a certain extent they are. Tea holds an interesting place in Chinese culture, too, with making tea often being used as a means of non-verbal communication to express sentiments like "I'm sorry" or "thank you". Participating in the ceremony at all requires intimate knowledge of how it works, meaning that few non-Japanese have ever done so. In Japan, green tea is used as part of a ‘tea ceremony', a Buddhist tradition where tea is specially prepared and served to the people present.
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green tea resources
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Wu Long Tea - Lose Weight Naturally

It is reported to work amazingly well in boosting metabolism, which in turn burns calories without the harmful side effects of man made diet aids Asians have known about the powerful effects of this tea for centuries and it is becoming more and more popular with people all over the world. If you are looking for.
What is Wu Long Tea?
Wu-Long (or Oolong, wulong etc.) is a partially fermented tea, which is processed between the black and green tea families. The tea leaves are dried in sunlight and allowed to partially oxidize (20-80%) until leaf edges redden. This gives oolong a bit more body than Green Tea but slightly less body than Black Tea.
Wu-Long Tea is a Natural Calorie Burner
Basically Wu Long tea will help you burn more fat, especially after a meal,
A substance called "Polyphenol" in Wu-Long tea is known to effectively control obesity.
Specifically, "Polyphenol" is reported to activate the enzyme that is responsible for dissolving triglyceride. It has been confirmed that the continuous intake of oolong tea contributes to enhancing the function of fat metabolism and to controlling obesity.
Other Benefits of Wu Long Tea
There are also many other health benefits reported which are currently being studied at the University level in the US and overseas regarding Wu Long Tea. Some of the other health benefits reported are : Blocks carbs, promotes great skin, reverse the signs of aging, promotes healthy teeth, powerful antioxidant, and strengthens the immune system.
You may want to look into Wu Long Tea as a way to lose weight and slim down. If you are interested in looking at specific research that backs these claims up visit the links below.

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