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How To Properly Plan And Host A Bridal Shower Tea Party

In case you want an elaborate party, it is best to outsource the entire preparation to the wedding planner who you have chosen for the wedding. To avoid too elaborate planning and arrangements simply plan a bridal shower tea party, which can be a lot of fun with little confusion or headache. But in this day and age people have very little time for too complicated affairs to be arranged.

A bridal shower is meant to pamper your little girl or your best friend before they begin a whole new life. All weddings are special occasions.
The history of Tea Parties
The other is the "high" tea party where the tea is served with heavy snacks or a meal later in the evening. Most people enjoy snacks being served with tea. It soon spread to all classes and all countries around the world as an immensely popular and extravagant affair.

The British working class, who loved to relish their tea in leisure during breaks, originally established tea parties.
Most of the time the best of linen, teapot warmers, silver ware and china are used to add grace to the party. If the bridal shower is over high tea, use fine silver, scented candles and small dim lights along with mellow music. This lends an air of refined and elegant ambience. But if you like a lot of jazz and dance then you should definitely arrange for a groovy DJ who will rock your party with the latest music and shaking bodies.
Add the personal touch with the bride's name on the special cake and decor. Snacks for the afternoon tea party should be fluffy and tasty biscuits, sandwiches, sweets, teacakes, salads and cookies with very light desserts. For an afternoon tea party, serve in a buffet style with appropriate decorations for the various dishes on offer.
Guests can also narrate various stories and anecdotes on love to celebrate the eternal joy of wedding. Bridal shower games are meant to be entertaining and fun. One other thing that most people like to do at bridal showers is to play games.

You can also make it memorable with jazzy songs and performances for entertainment. Create fantastic favors for the bridal shower with innovative flower and gift arrangement.
The sky is the limit! You can pick from any colors and play any type of games that you think would be something the bride would enjoy. You do not have to stick with the usual bridal shower. There are numerous different styles of bridal showers you can throw.
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