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What Is All The Hype About Green Tea

The Benefits of Green Tea as a Dietary Supplement
Bust most of the species of tea grows naturally in all parts of Asia and in some parts of Middle America. It is also raised in steamy and tropical climate. The groups of plants that can be produced as tea have about 600 species existing for 28 generations. Speaking of tea, it is a usual name for a plant relative of most flowering shrub.
There are Chinese historians with remarkable records that declare that the tea powder was being kept to survive a good many years. According to history, people started using tea as a beverage ever since the start of 28th century BC and the middle part of 10th century BC. It is also being drunk in some parts of Asia especially people in China.

The tea shrub is a native plants that grows naturally in the Southeast Asia are being used as a brewed from dried out leaves.
The British then monopolized the worldwide tea production and they put a heavy tax on the said product. The British Company who keeps on trading with them also introduced it to America. Dutch are the one responsible of bringing the tea in their continent. After bringing it to some parts of Europe, England became the capital of tea drinking country.
Tea is the staple drink of three fourths of the population worldwide. In the end tea become one of the most in demand beverages, some of the European country conducted a party for tea drinkers relatively than coffee drinkers.
The main producers of tea are Asian countries like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and some other primary manufacturer. Countries with many tea drinkers are Asia, Europe and North America.
In some country like China, they add some aroma to make the tea smells and taste better. Green tea came from leaf buds and young leaves. One of the most popular kinds of tea is green tea.
The absorption of caffeine content is only 4.5 percent. Tea has also caffeine but lower in content compared to coffee. Since then tea became a scented drink for tea drinkers.
Now the question is what are the health benefits that we can get from green
Base also on the study that drinking green tea regularly can be able to lessen the heartbeat failures and it helps in regulating blood pressure. The press and advertising claim that green tea is a very effective antioxidant and a very strong and useful anticancer agent.
Green tea is also useful for the dietary allowance because of the fact that it helps the stomach to digest well and be able to have a pleasant digestive cycle.
However, there are proofs from the laboratories declare that green tea has no harmful substances to give a negative effect in our body. There are researches and studies that are wanting of the concise conclusion about the benefits of green tea.
It does not contain any chemicals that can trigger up the chemical reactions
to promote cancer cells. Aside from this green tea can be able to assist how
to stop the growth of carcinogenic substances in our body. Carcinogenic
substances are the primary cause of cancer and tumor cells.
Another thing is that a chemical originate from green tea called "polyphonics" have revealed that it is a good antioxidant potential that both in the laboratory and in the body of humans.
Presently, research shows that drinking green tea regularly and having it as
part of our diet can lessen the cholesterol content inside our body. We are
all well aware that too much cholesterol intake in our body can cause heart
failures and clogged arteries.
In also supplies unnecessary substances that assembled up inside the arteries and after sometimes the arteries clogs. Researches explain that LDL and HDL are responsible for causing heart diseases that may lead to death. Green tea can also diminish the effect of LDL "low-density lipoprotein" and the HDL "high-density lipoprotein".
Another thing is that study shows that green tea can be able to take out the
bacteria and viruses that reside in the human body that prop up illnesses
like colds, diarrhea, influenza and kidney troubles.
So why not try green tea as an alternative drink, after all it is a healthy thing to do.
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