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How To Change Your Career And Create The Tea Business Of Your Dreams

Career Change? Try Tea!
Are you ready for an exciting change of pace?
You spend forty hours or more at work every week.
Shouldn't you do what you love and love what you do?
Many people seeking a career change desire to find work that is more fulfilling.
Life is too short to spend so much time in a job you do not enjoy.
Experts estimate that most people will change their line of work multiple times during their working lives--this means not just changing jobs, but actual careers.
So what about you?
It's never too late to change careers
. The only thing holding you back is yourself! Many people seek new careers based on emotional reasons rather than financial. This does not mean that if you change careers you will need to radically alter your lifestyle.
On the contrary, you can find a new career that meets both your personal requirements and meets your financial needs.
One great option for those seeking a new career is the tea business!
It is a rapidly and consistently growing industry, with annual sales in the billions of dollars.
Current estimates show that by 2010, tea sales will reach or exceed ten billion dollars annually! Imagine combining your love of tea with your desire to have more control over your future!
People are choosing tea for a variety of reasons.
Not only is it an enjoyable beverage with many options, it is also healthy.
Baby boomers in particular are concerned with health issues and want an alternative drink and make up a large segment of the population.
The tea business can also offer an extraordinary amount of freedom not found in other businesses. You can
run a business entirely online, part time out of your home, or in a retail setting
No matter which option you choose, the mark-up on loose tea is large, so it is possible to realize profits quickly. .
There are a number of career opportunities within the tea business, and you can combine options as well. If you think the only business in tea is a tea-version of a coffee shop, think again! You can get as creative as you want in this business.
The tea party is one such example. Rapidly growing in popularity, a tea party business can cater to children and adults alike.
The Internet also offers a number of possibilities that immediately expands your customer base without your having to leave your house (you can even have UPS pick up your outgoing packages from your home).
If you are interested in running a more "traditional" business, you can get imaginative here and combine themed events, in home catering and online sales. You could have a sit-down "tea bar or tea cafe" as well as a large retail area.
A tea bar can be an alternative coffee house, or an exciting business that offers teas and services only be associated with tea, such as afternoon tea parties. And, there are so many types of teas to choose from--let your imagination loose.
You can combine a passion for tea with a business that you love.
For those contemplating a career change, the nature of the tea business allows you to do it at your own pace. Start a business part time from home, or take the plunge and open a retail business. If parties are your thing, work when it's convenient as you plan the rest of your transition.
The bottom line is that for career changers who are looking for a satisfying
work life that meets both the emotional and practical
sides of working, the tea business is an excellent choice.
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