Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Mad Hatter's Tea Natter

Alice strolled down a long winding lane
and saw the tea party of the mad hatter
three creatures drank tea right out in the rain
dormouse, march hare, and mad hatter having a natter.

Alice thought the behaviour of all was insane
the march hare and hatter continued to chatter
march hare and hatter seemed not to engage their brain
instead march hare continued to chat to the latter
whose hat was forced down and failing to drain
much more talk and his hat would only get flatter.

Alice suggested his hat would not regain
its shape while the rain continued to batter
wind, rain and hail caused Alice such pain
as the rain came down and continued to splatter
the hatter was upset because he was so vain
and his hat was broken and continued to tatter.

The hatter ate hot tarts so warmth he would gain
but Alice told him he would only get fatter
his good sense was lost as he went against the grain
to steal from a queen who might chop the head of a hatter
eating tarts he stole from the queen through her reign.

They moved 'round and knocked things that fell with a clatter
the teapot fell down and started to stain
and the tarts were spun 'round on their silver platter
the dormouse hid away from the noise and the rain
as rain fell down with pitter and patter.
The wind was so fast it blew over a vane Alice left for shelter away from the hatter from those that still would stay out on the plain and not have the common sense to stay in through the splatter. Alice and dormouse were the only ones sane and mad hatter threw tarts angrily at 'er.
Inspired by the work of Lewis Carroll. The dormouse in his teapot now slept through the chattery refrain as the other two argued and knocked dishes which did scatter they were hare brained and hat rained and fighting again. She went off to find some sheltered terrain away from the dormouse, the march hare and hatter.

The patience of Alice had seen too much strain from the chatter, the hatter, and the heavy rains' patter.
I normally add my PhD research but this time thought I'd submit this poem.
I am a Researcher in the final year of my PhD. I specialise in applying Semantic Web techniques. My current research is on a technique of 'User Driven Modelling/Programming'.
My intention is to enable non-programmers to create software from a user interface that allows them to model a particular problem or scenario. This involves a user entering information visually in the form of a tree diagram. I am attempting to develop ways of automatically translating this information into program code in a variety of computer languages.
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