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Tea Parties for Grown Ups

Tea Parties for Grown Ups
by Dawnya Sasse
Adults, just as much as children,
enjoy a tea party
celebrates any sort of occasion. Serving loose leaf tea
is a healthy alternative to any party option and with
the wide range of teas available, you can incorporate
any theme or celebrate any occasion.
From birthdays to anniversaries or other events, tea is
a fun, unique and
easy way to create a party
Use the event (is it a birthday or anniversary?) to
determine the best types of tea to serve or, consider
hosting a themed party. A
can be based on
anything from a book character to the time of year.
Your party can be as
or elaborate as you like.
Just use your imagination, because you are sure to find
a tea that is perfect for the occasion!
Depending on the celebration, activities may range
from traditional to unusual or even none at all! In the
fast-paced world we live in, many adults will welcome
the chance to sit and enjoy a hot cup of tea and good
conversation. Sometimes people need a reason to

, and a tea party can be just that.
However, if you want to incorporate activities, these
can easily be based on the reason for the gathering.
Consult with your local
supply store or do a quick search online.
You can incorporate a
"tea twist"
on many common
games, for example. Bridal and baby shower games
can include a tea theme (such as word scrambles or
searches), and tea gifts make wonderful party favors
for your attendees.
Package loose teas in festive netting and tie it with a
beautiful ribbon.
Love bingo? Try
and let your guests learn about
tea and its customs while competing in a familiar game.
Decorations will depend on the activity, such as a

, anniversary, or baby shower. Create a theme
for the party, such as a vacation getaway for an
Decorate the room with beach balls, beach towels and
have guests sit in outdoor lounge chairs (or if the
weather is nice, take the party outside!). A "famous
babies" theme for a
baby shower
is much more
interesting than decorations that are all green and
Try filling the room with photos of actors who got their
start in "pampers." The key is to
put a twist on your
, and then, of course, offer a twist on the tea you
serve such as a fruity tea for the beach party or bubble
tea for a baby shower.
Music selections for your parties can vary greatly. To
make it
easy on yourself
, look for compilation CDs that
incorporate the theme.
A CD of soft love songs is a great choice for an

, for example, or an orchestrated mix of
lullabies for a baby shower.
Visit your local music retailer for specific suggestions or do an online search for CDs that pertain to your theme.
Invitation Ideas
Use your theme to determine the types of invitations
you will use.
Get creative
and make your own using specialty papers, or throw in a few loose tea leaves for a scented and enticing invitation (although some people may not appreciate tea leaves falling out, so consider some type of mesh envelope!).
Because you'll be centering your
on tea, think of
using naturally colored invitations and alternative
A traditional birthday invitation may not be quite
what you're looking for, so look into blank cards as well,
as you can then add your own words.
What should you serve at a tea party? Again, your
theme will have a lot to do with the food selections.
If your theme is an anniversary beach party, for example,
exotic fruits
and finger sandwiches.
If you are hosting a famous baby tea try collecting and
serving favorite
recipes of the stars
then let your
guests vote on the best appetizer.
Many parties lend themselves well to lighthearted and

teas and tisanes. Consider offering teas that your
guests may not encounter otherwise.
This is a fun way to introduce new teas and enjoy
festive atmosphere
Creativity is a fountain of youth
. Now grab a pencil,
jot down your ideas and get started.
(C) Dawnya Sasse
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