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Benefits of Green Tea

Through the course of time, the benefits of green tea are not only solely confined to the improvement of health. The benefits of green tea extend as well into the field of beauty.
Beauty Benefits
It is naturally rich in antioxidants, which provide gentle exfoliation, thus giving the skin a healthy natural glow. Green tea extract can be applied to the skin as one would do with lotion or makeup.
Health Benefits
The fountain of youth; that is green tea. Green tea is recognized to provide a larger quantity of polyphenols and theanine, which provide a much greater amount of antioxidant activity compared to the servings of broccoli, carrots, strawberries, or spinach. Undoubtedly, green tea is good for the body in a number of ways. Its profound power in the prevention of diseases and other health complications covers a wide arena.
1. Green tea enhances health. It has the ability to lengthen one's life and prevent the onset of varied diseases.
Tannin and catechin are two of the main ingredients present in green tea that both actively combat against this dreaded disease. Cancer comes in all sorts of forms. Green tea prevents cancer.

The catechin found in green tea can restrict excessive accumulation of cholesterol that may vigorously lead to heart problems. Green tea regulates blood cholesterol. 3.
4. Green tea lowers the risk of high blood pressure, which is the main culprit of serious cardiovascular troubles.
Green tea lowers the blood sugar. 5.
A buildup of lipid peroxide mixed up with oxygen increases aging in a fast pace; this is, in turn, combated by the green tea. Green tea suppresses fast aging. 6.
Green tea refreshes the body as the muscles are soothed and the blood is properly circulated. 7.
8. Green tea fights off food poisoning. This kind of tea is known to sterilize every food intake, thus possessing the knack to destroy bacteria which may be the main cause of food poisoning.
9. Green tea is a good remedy for skin diseases. The application of green tea extract proves to be a good cure for athlete's foot, bedsore, and all sorts of skin diseases.
Green tea hinders the formation of cavities. 10.
Green tea scraps the presence of all types of viruses that aim to harm the human body. 11.
Hence, they are able to live life with less complications and health problems. It is noted that green tea drinkers and users enjoy numerous benefits derived from it.
Green Tea
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