Friday, September 19, 2008

Are You Ready to Publicly Promote Your Tea?

Do you have a fear of public speaking, but want to promote your new tea company
Well, before you break into a cold sweat and begin hyperventilating, take a deep breath and relax. ?
Here are some great tips for helping you to get your ideas across to others, as well as idea for promoting your own brand!
Before you go out to publicly speak about your tea, you
must be totally
ready and confident
. Perhaps you have
tried public speaking in the past, and experienced a variety
of nervous symptoms such as dry mouth, sweaty, shaky or
cold hands, nausea, rapid heartbeat, or shakiness.
Although you may not ever be completely comfortable
speaking in front of large crowds,
you can get your nervous
feelings under control
In order to perform your best public speaking in a calm manner, there are several things you can do.
● First of all, tell yourself that you are a wonderful public
speaker (even if you are not!). Concentrating on this fact
will actually enable you to believe it.
● Envision yourself merely chatting comfortably with a
group of friends. This method will allow you to relax and
feel at home.
● Think about your strong desire to teach this particular
group about your tea topic.
(Although that may just make you laugh!) ● And if worst comes to worst - you can always just picture your audience in their underwear!
When you are preparing to publicly endorse your tea, you
should make sure you are well prepared with all of the
information you want to share with your audience.
Be able to answer questions concerning your tea
After all, the last thing you want to do is sound like you don't know about your own company! - both easy and hard questions.
Organize any speaking notes that you have and memorize your opening statements.
Don't forget to practice, practice
again, and practice some more
He or she can help you gain confidence and speaking expertise. If you are still concerned about your abilities to publicly promote, why not get an individual or group speaking coach?
Once it is time for your big day, you should get to the site
of your promotional speech at least an hour early if
possible. This way you can check the microphone (if there
is one) or test out the acoustics in the area. This time will
also allow you to meet potential customers or distributors
coming in to see you speak.
You can shake hands with these people and greet them as
they come in. Extra time can also allow you to have the
opportunity to glance again at any notes that you have.

And, not only will getting to the place early help you
organize, but it will also help you be more relaxed
All of these tips will definitely give you what you need to
get out there and sell your tea to the public. And last but
not least - good luck!
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