Sunday, September 28, 2008

Healthy Famous Tea

Antioxidants in tea are similar as those found in fruits and vegetables, such as vitamin A, C and E, which offer protection against free radicals that cause cell and gene damage. Tea polyphenols are are compounds in tea leaves that are natural plant antioxidant. Well known as a source for various nutrients and antioxidants, tea has gained even more popularity in modern times with claims of it's usefulness in fighting heart disease, cancer, obesity, tooth decay, nausea, and all manner of digestive disorders.Thirty percent of the dry weight of tea leaves is polyphenols, which cause the taste of tea. It was Dutch traders that first brought tea to Europe but the British who greatly developed it, transplanting it to India in the early 1800's.

Since the fifth century AD, tea has been exported by land and sea throughout Asia and reached Europe in 1610. It was originally taken as a detoxifying medicine though it grew to great social prominence during the Tang (620-907 AD) and Sung (960-1279 AD) Dynasties. It is thought to have first been discovered in the mountainous areas of China's far western Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. Historically, tea's origins date back to around 2700 BC.
The Natural Way To A Clear Mind
The unique combination of relaxation Now that's when the miracle of Theanine unfolds. Studies have also pointed out how Theanine could effectively promote creativity. The effect is higher mental focus, better concentration and sharper memory. And just as you're prefectly settled, Theanine raises your level of mental alertness by stimulating your brain to increase its production of alpha brain waves.

In short, it's the Theanine in your cup of tea that calms you in just the right way to put you in place and bring you to your 'comfort zone'. But it's also the reason why you don't fee sleepy when drinking tea. Theanine is the very reason why you're not as hyperactive when you drink tea as compared to when you drink tea as compared to when you drink coffee. Scientific research has validated the link between Theanine and a perfect state of calmness.

Not a lot of people may know what it is but Theanine is certainly one of the big reasons why more and more are turning to tea nowadays as their beverage of choice. It's called Theanine and it's found almost exclusively in the tea plant. Research has finally named the secret that has linked tea with mental vitality.
Healthy Famous Tea


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