Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tea Time a Healthy Dimension

Further enhance the knowledge and health of your team and customers by sharing the benefits of green tea. Interject some health information with your snacks and beverages. Take this light hearted and prosperous occasion to a new level. Cheer and excitement fill the room as you munch and share the joy of great company and fabulous crafts.

You are having a craft party.
So, it remains on the hit list of nasty diseases without a concrete method of attack and prevention. But it's really hard to screen for ovarian cancer. You can quit smoking.

You can screen for breast cancer, You can screen for colon cancer. Knowledge is power. Because the high antioxidants in green team fight ovarian cancer. Why you might ask?
Studies have shown that many women who drank two cups of tea a day had a 46% reduction in their ovarian cancer risk. And for each cup of tea a day past two, another 18% reduction was achieved. This adds to the body of knowledge that leads scientists to agree that foods high in antioxidants have major health benefits.
Educate your company about the benefits of green tea. Take the opportunity to ward off the silent killer ovarian cancer. Financial success and a good quality of life are affected by a healthy body.
You do not have to be a health professional to offer green tea with a health clipping of information posted to a colorful sheet of paper or a internet search creatively mounted and displayed. Your goal is to promote awareness and get your group brain storming and sharing.
Not a big tea lover try drinking Chai. With lots of milk and cinnamon. Adding lots of milk gives you an additional boost of calcium to ward off osteoporosis. There are many tea options on the market. Green tea or White are what you want to look for as they are higher in antioxidants.
Have fun, promote crafting, make money and stay healthy. Anytime can be tea time. Add a new dimension to your craft party one that promotes health and wealth.
(From the Archives of Internal Medicine: This Week, Dec 12, 2005 (2005:165, 2683-2686 Author Susanna Larrson) n.d.)
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