Friday, September 19, 2008

Anti-Aging Benefits of Green Tea

If you want to look and feel younger without prescription drugs or surgery something as simple as adding green tea to your diet may be an effective option. This very simple yet effective and tasty drink may very well reverse some of the more visible signs of aging!
Studies have indicated that green tea's powerful combination of biological compounds, called polyphenols which has a subgroup called "catechins" are extremely effective at destroying free radicals which can help reverse the aging process.
The most powerful of these catechins is a compound called EGCG. This is a natural antioxidant found in green tea or green tea extract which has 25-100 times the potency of vitamin C or E.
Here is one very interesting example. There is strong evidence supporting the notion that drinking green tea may reduce the risk of neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer's.
Healthy cells exposed to "amlyoid", a protein highly linked to Alzheimer's, rapidly died ( a condition called "cell death" ) due to the high toxicity of this protein. On the other hand, cells exposed to amlyoid and then exposed to green tea extracts containing catechins survived.
These amazing findings are too powerful to be ignored and give strong support to the notion that consuming green tea or green tea extract may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease.
There are many other anti-aging benefits related to drinking green tea such as: Reducing age spots, clarifying the skin, protecting against the suns UV rays, lowering LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol)…
Green tea does contain caffine, which could be related to insomnia, anxiety, or other symptoms caused by the caffeine content naturally present in green tea. There is no real downside to moderate sensible tea consumption. More good news!
One cup beverage contains about 50-100 mg of polyphenols, depending on the quantity and quality of tea leaves used. A recommended dosage would be 300-400 mg of polyphenols daily to fully realize the anti-aging properties of green tea or green tea extract.
With every enjoyable cup you're doing your mind and body a favor - slowing the aging process the easy way! Compared to most artificially sweetend, overly processed and overpriced beverages out there today, you can't find a more healthy substance to put into your body than green tea.


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