Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't Throw Your Tea Bags Away! Learn The Healing Benefits Of Tea Bags

Best of all, if taken in tranquility or in good company, tea can even ease your troubled soul. And the healing effect of drinking herbal teas is sometimes even more potent than taking herbs in pill form. Although hundreds, maybe even thousands, of plants show medicinal properties, only a handful are tasty enough to be brewed to make tea. Studies have proven the healing powers of plants.
Besides enjoying the healing benefits of tea beverage, here are other creative ways to use your tea bags:
Burns can also be washed with cooled aloe tea used in a mist-maker. Soak in the bath to allow healing and prevent moisture loss from the skin. Just brew two to four bags of aloe tea and pour it into cool bath. • Soothe a sunburn or radiation treatment with aloe tea applied topically on the affected area for faster healing and more comfort while sleeping.
• For a quick cold and flu fix, spice up your bath with ginger. Just brew two bags of ginger tea in a pot of hot water, let it steep then add it to a prepared bath. The warm and stimulating effect of ginger is perfect for those who normally experience cold hands and feet, or for those who are recovering from a chill after suffering from a cold, flu or other illness.
• For instant relaxation and skin rejuvenation, make your own handy facial mist by letting two bags of lavender or chamomile tea steep until cool, then pour in a spray-mist bottle.
If you are planning to sell your house, this could be just the trick you need to inspire that prospective buyer. Add a slice of orange, a cinnamon stick, or a few slices of apple for a more potent aroma. • Stir up some potpourri and soothe your senses at home with two tea bags (jasmine, orange or ginger works well) allowed to slightly simmer in a pan of water.
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