Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rooibos Tea – The Tea of South Africa!

Rooibos or Redbush as it is more commonly known is red tea that is grown only in the South African highlands. It comes from the plant Aspalathus linearis, rather than the Camellia plants that produce traditional teas, such as Black, Green or Oolong tea. The name Rooibos, an African slang word of Dutch origin meaning "Red Bush." Rooibos tea is a distinctive red colour and its taste is also unique with a very sweet and slightly nutty flavour.
The minerals contained in a cup of Redbush tea are: As well as being decaffeinated with low tannin content, the tea contains Vitamin C and many minerals and can almost be considered a nutritional supplement. Rooibos contains a variety of antioxidant substances, some of which are entirely exclusive to the Redbush plant.
Alpha-hydroxy (great for the skin)
Various studies have shown the many health problems that can be helped by drinking Rooibos tea on a regular basis:
Can be used to treat hay fever, asthma and eczema
Placed directly on the skin, it can slow the aging process
Boosts the immune system
Eases irritability, headaches, nervous tension and insomnia
Acts as an anti-spasmodic agent, to relieve stomach cramps and colic in infants
Contains no oxalic acid, so people who are prone to kidney stones can safely consume it
A small amount of Redbush tea added to milk could soothe babies and help ease symptoms of colic. Mothers in South Africa have long been aware of the benefits of Rooibos tea and it is traditional to give this tea to children.
Why not have a cup of Rooibos tea now? It is the perfect caffeine-free alternative to black tea!
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