Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Drink 10 Tea Cups Per Day to Keep Doctor Away

Many previous laboratory researches have demonstrated the inhibitory power of components of black and green teas not only against cancer but also against tumerogenesis in lung, colon and skin.
Green tea is made from the a plant named Camellia is black tea. The only difference is that green tea is left unfermented, which means that the high antioxidant actions remain fully intact.
So, drinking how much is too much? Regarding tea daily consumption there are serious concerns related to its caffeine.
Experts say total fluid intake in adults might be about 2.5 liters, of which tea can contribute six to ten cups, that means 0.7 to 1.4 liters.
The question has for long baffled tea lovers but experts say six to 10 cups per day can help in lowering the risk of a number of chronic diseases, claims a book.
Besides regular cups of tea, this healthy diet must contain adequate vegetables and fruits, bran cereal insoluble fibers as well as sources of soluble fibers. Green and/or black tea daily consumption could be a part of a health promoting nutritional diet low in total fat and salt. Six to ten cups per day may be a beneficial dietary habit to help in reducing the risk of a number of chronic diseases.


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