Monday, October 13, 2008

Amaretto Flavored Tea

Amaretto flavored tea is great for experiencing the smooth almond taste connected with amaretto but without the effects of the alcohol. It has a velvety feel in the mouth and makes a great after dinner tea. This amber-red liqueur is enjoyable in all its many forms including tea drinks.
If you enjoy learning about the history of things, you might find one story of how amaretto came about a little interesting.
Not unusual, except that the innkeeper's romantic interest, which inspired the creation of the liqueur, had grown while posing as a model for Bernardino. The painter, Bernardino Luini, who created the Madonna fresco in the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church located in Saronno, Italy, received the handmade gift from the innkeeper. It's certainly colorful and as rumors go, entertaining. Now, would you believe the first bottle of amaretto made was because of a love affair?

Amaretto means "a little bitter" in Italian.
You might also be interested to know that the almond flavor associated with amaretto comes from apricot stones, or pits. The original drink was probably made from grape brandy in which apricot stones were left to soak, or infuse. Accidents have been the catalyst for many of the beautiful and functional things we have today, but whether amaretto came about by accident, or intentional, we have no idea.
We like to mix things up sometimes so we frequently buy syrups to add flavors to our usual teas. This comes in handy if you sometimes like to disguise the grassy flavor of green tea. You can also buy green and black teas with amaretto flavoring. You can, for instance, add the syrup directly to the teapot, for an ultra-fresh and delicious tea.

Amaretto flavored tea is made in different forms.
Make sure to try this tea and remember that teas like this can be enjoyed year around, and any time of day. Being creative with your tea is a lot of fun and drinking amaretto flavored tea is a great new alternative to the usual tastes and flavors of traditional teas.
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