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Green Tea Extract

Tea is just one of the favorite drinks of many individuals. Drinking tea has partly been customary especially during lazy afternoons when, in some cultures, it is most appropriate to stop all activities to grab a cup of tea in order to relax. The green tea in particular is more than just a beverage. It also appears to be an extraordinary medicinal herb!
Throughout the United States, China, and Japan, the green tea extract has become popularized when professional journals and medical publications started unraveling the medical benefits of drinking the green tea extract. Scientists have particularly focused on the tremendous effect that the green tea extract imposes both in the fields of health and beauty.
The onset of green tea extract as used in the treatment of body pains, skin diseases, and other health problems can be rooted back to the Chinese and Japanese people. Being believers of the power of the herbs, the Chinese and Japanese people had introduced to the people of all races the magical cure brought about as the result of green tea extract intake and application.
Green tea extract is basically loaded with what is known as bioflavonoids that are widely recognized to fight off the free radicals that have accumulated in the human body system. Likewise, green tea extract is also enriched with another valuable antioxidant, the Epigallocatechin Gallate or EGCG. The Epigallocatechin Gallate contained in green tea extract is said to be at least two hundred times more effective in the neutralization of free radicals than vitamin E. Also, the intake of green tea extract is identified with its capacity of guarding the human system against digestive and respiratory infections, soaring high cholesterol levels, cancer of all forms, liver failure and the attack of bacteria related to dental cavities.
Green tea extract is undoubtedly to be credited for many miracles. Isn't it amazing that there are more benefits offered by a natural herb as compared by those over-the-counter and prescribed drugs?
Green Tea
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